Ventura Marathon–wk10, the Final Update

This is a day early, but I don’t plan to post again before the race so let’s just get it out of the way now. Formalities first, this is what a very lax, other-things-busy taper looks like :

Week Ten (9/1-7)

Su – 10mi with last 4 at MGP (marathon goal pace) <—no garmin, regular watch + landmarks says just over 8min/mi   |||   M – rest   |||   Tu – 1-4-1 between MGP and Tempo (7:45avg)   |||   W – 50min hard SUP   |||   Th – 5 easy, feels-like-floating, farewell-elephant-legs night miles + strides   |||   F – [planned SUP]   |||   Sa – [planned 4 easy]


= 25 holy-crap-it’s-really-here miles total

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster. I never hit a super confidence high (like, “I’m totally making all 26.2 of these miles my bitch”), but had been holding a pretty steady contentment(?) with my training and abilities. Feeling good, you know. Then two(three) bad long runs tied up any shred of marathon confidence I had, put a gun to its head, and sent me a really mean ransom note.

I’m sure none of you noticed.

But Tuesday’s MGP test and last night’s light and airy, super easy run are swaying my mental visualizations away from Pachyderm In Bum Wrap to someone who might actually manage forward motion for 26.2 straight miles. Here’s hoping.


see the resemblance?

Still need like, 93% of those stars to align for me Sunday AM, including the Mother Nature one, but I’m feeling pretty good. Calm, collected, ready to run for fucking forever. Wring the towel all the way out and see how close to 3:35 it gets me.

Good luck to Kristina running the half; Pam, Jessica, Emily, and Michelle also gunning BQs at Ventura; Jocelyn at Lehigh, and everyone else racing this weekend! Run fast, stay strong, shuffle till you make it, die trying… Pick a few, see ya out there.

BQ twitter party Sunday night? RSVP TBD.

Sarah OUaL


22 thoughts on “Ventura Marathon–wk10, the Final Update

  1. i’m just a random reader who’s never even run a 1/2 marathon but i’m 100% rooting for you tomorrow. GOOD LUCK — but i don’t think you’ll need it :)



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