The Things That Are Not Running

GUYS. I’m so sore.

Like, brace-yourself-sitting-on-the-toilet, cringe-when-you-bump-a-quad-against-the-table, don’t-make-any-sudden-movements sore. Legs, shoulders, butt, armpits — if there’s a single muscle fiber there, it hurts.  I’m sure you can empathize, but I made a chart to help you understand just in case :


Just another wake up call that being in “marathon shape” does not = all-around fitness shape.

How did this epic soreness come about? After Ventura I threw my marathon-DNF body on all the paddle boards, mountain trails, barre classes, and yoga poses I’d been missing when I was “scared to be too sore for my run tomorrow.” MAJOR non-running activity bender. So fun. Paying so badly for it now.

  • Hard 75 minute SUP on Monday; cathartic, aerobic, and soul-cleansing like long runs should be but haven’t been for a while.
  • Easy chatty miles at OC Run Club Tuesday.
  • Slow yoga followed by a short hike at Griffith Park with Aliontherun Wednesday; our hike to bent-over-in-laughter to mmmm mexican food ratio was about 1:5:10.
  • 90 minute “business meeting” hike at Torrey Pines Thursday.
  • 50 minute SUP chased with a burns-so-good Friday night barre class at Xtend Barre with Bri.
  • Ass-kicking 5 mile trail run at Peters Canyon Saturday.
  • 4.5 mile OMG-seriously-my-legs-are-dead-and-my-ass-is-on-fire hike with Brian at Weir Canyon before the Browns game and a heated shuffleboard tournament Sunday.


And that’s how you get a one-trick-pony bod to cry uncle. (especially the PBR-fueled shuffleboard part, obvs)

Even though I felt like I was really good this training cycle about incorporating strength training (core, hip stabilizer exercises, power SUP, etc) it reminded me how important balance in exercise is. Finding the right amount of training-specific workouts, sprinkled with different fun activities to shock your muscle groups and keep your routine fresh. And a few hills to keep your ass from sagging in your late-summer bikini.

Wait what?

I’m going to ease back onto the pavement a little this week – I don’t have any goal races on the calendar yet but I’d like to find a fall race of some <26.2 mile distance to start gearing up for.

In addition to the hike, SUP, yoga buffet I plan to continue bingeing on.


7 thoughts on “The Things That Are Not Running

  1. Haha, a few years ago I did a cycling trip cross country. After finishing all 3,893 miles, I decided to try to run a half marathon. After all, I had cycled thousands of miles so how hard could it be? Turns out, damn near impossible. One does not necessarily prep for the other :)


  2. Haha I love this post! At the beginning of this year I took 3 months off of running (I Was burn out) and focused on lifting and other fitness related things….it was the best thing for me and really helped me come back as a stronger runner!


  3. I have to comment about your Cleveland Browns photo! Are you part of the “Browns Backers” down there? My husband is originally from Cleveland but moved out to NorCal & met me & now I’m a fan of the Brownies too! We’re really involved in our Browns Backers chapter & religiously watch all the games with our group up here. Too bad they’re off to a rough start!



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