On the Cheap–Offices & Bridesmaids

One of my “long term to do” list items has been to revamp our guest room/office. I spend a lot of time in there these days, and I always feel bad making visitors bunk up in a space that is so painfully obvious the where-all-the-crap-that-doesn’t-have-a-home-goes room.

I was hesitant to tackling the project though because anytime I get within half a mile of Ikea or Homegoods $100 automatically escapes my bank account. Like the opposite of passing Go in Monopoly.

But I was tired of feeling like I was sitting in a jumbled wasteland while trying to work (take a moment to scoff my hippie journo wannabe ‘tude), so I went after it this week.

office before

Unsurprisingly, there was a ton of shit to toss – I’m talking books of checks from bank accounts that no longer exist, 401k statements from 2009, and the security deposit slip from our very first apartment together. And then I had a good laugh/cry trying to remember what spending $350/month on rent was like.

The purging and organizing felt amazing, and once inventory was assessed I set out to the shops with a list of “must haves” and “really want if it’s really on sales”…

office shopping list

no Nexus 7s on the clearance rack, unfortunately

I got most of the “needs” and limited the “wants” (mad an exception for a bag of candy corn – was NOT on the list but sure made shopping more fun); I spent about $85, including $25 for a Craigslist printer. With the rearrangements and de-cluttering, it all makes quite a difference if I do say so myself.

office after

if nothing else eliminating the glare on the laptop made it worth it

Long term to do list item : CHECK!

While on the thrifty shopper topic, let’s move on from boring office supplies to pretty dresses and shoes, shall we??

My best friend Lauren (the one from Trashy Nashy) is getting married next month! Brian and I are super excited to go back to Ohio to celebrate, and thankfully a United voucher from taking the boot off an oversold flight a while ago made the hurt of buying two plane tickets a LOT easier to bear.

If you’ve been a bridesmaid, you know it can be pretty freaking expensive: dress, shoes, hair, spray tan, mandatory manicures, etc. The worse part is you’re not allowed to complain about any of it – girl code and it being “her big day” and all. I put a big focus on easy and affordable for my wedding because my girls were all over the financial spectrum and who needs another ugly pouffy dress collecting dust in their closet? But Lauren totally one-upped me in the awesome bride department, that thoughtful bitch.

“Any beige dress you want, any brown heels, flats, boots, whatever, and this Target cardi. I want you to be comfortable and in your own style… just be sure you can play cornhole in it!”

This is what I came up with…

budget bridesmaid

new fav booties : Madden Girl Lopezzz (brown wasn’t available at DSW then so I got mine at Amazon)

Still need to cornhole test it – boots are getting the axe if they impair my throw and shot at a Corntown Championship…

Sarah OUaL


14 thoughts on “On the Cheap–Offices & Bridesmaids

  1. I was in a few weddings recently and know all about the ugly dresses. I found navy dresses at jcrew for $50 and told the girls to do whatever for their shoes, etc. I couldn’t bring myself to force friends to spend 100$ on teal chiffon lol


  2. I like your BEFORE, but totally dig your AFTER! And can I borrow you to redo my guest room/office/storage room? Yay for CA 2 bedroom apts that act as the “everything” room (and cost more than mortgage in the midwest, wahhh!) and PS I’m serious about you being my interior apt designer!


  3. I love that dress! It is nice how relaxed your bride is in regards to the outfits; nothing worse than being a bridesmaid to bridezilla. On a (totally random) side note, is that clock just for decoration? Your before and after pics were taken at exactly the same time. Is it weird that I noticed that?


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