I Registered…

After everything was said and done, I did still really want to do the SUPathlon. I knew it was ridiculous to boycott just based on my stubborn pride and jilted emotions – I DID preface and post-script with “I’m crazy” disclaimers, remember?

It would have been fun, yes, even despite the big fat monster crow I’d have to eat if I did it. But it would have also been a bit of a logistical nightmare borrowing a board, somehow transporting it 2+ hours each way without roof racks, getting a hotel, etc. Weighing my options I decided to look to see if there was anything else a little “easier” going on that weekend I might want to do instead. If not, I’d sign up to SUP-run.

I found Race for the Rescues and immediately registered. I’m such a sucker for animals in need.

It’s put on by a local company, benefits the county animal shelters, is practically in our backyard, and looks like a fun day all around. If we weren’t going to be out of town I’d do the one in Pasadena next weekend as well.


from The Rescue Train’s FB page

On top of warm fuzzies and “Brian we could TOTALLY adopt another dog!”, I was also swayed by the chance to redeem my miserable performance at the Cleveland 10k earlier this year. It was a crapshoot all around and came with the following very familiar quote:

“but truthfully I have no desire to run another 10K anytime soon.”

– Sarah OUaL, May 23, 2013

Five months is apparently the current lead time for race-amnesia.

So on November 10th I’ll be in Irvine running 6.2 miles with the promise of adorable adoptable dogs waiting to lick the sweat salt off my legs pulling me to the finish. And probably trying to smuggle one out in my spike bag.

Guess I should figure out how to run fast again. And try to convince Brian to enter Chico and Frankie into the 1K doggie race…

chico frankie

Sarah OUaL

(For the sake of transparency – this is NOT a sponsored post. If something is provided quid pro quo there will be a disclaimer stating so. No disclaimer = no affiliation.)

18 thoughts on “I Registered…

  1. That looks like a cool event and such a great thing to support. I just wanted to add though that I don’t think you should be too swayed by any negativity; let’s face it, had you been comp’d in that race, you would have received an avalanche of people calling you out. Sometimes you just can’t win but it’s your blog, which reflects you and your personality so go with it I say. Obviously us readers like it or we wouldn’t be here (and that doesn’t mean we always agree but come on, doesn’t always have to be sparkles and unicorns, right?).


    • When I first read this post this morning, there was an asterik at the bottom saying that entry was not comped and if it was, there would be a disclaimer stating that it was so. But, now I don’t see that addendum anymore. Or a disclaimer, so I don’t know . . .


      • Oh I took the disclaimer out because I didn’t think it was necessary and just opened the door to comp/no comp drama that I didn’t want tied to this race but I guess I was mistaken. I’ll put it back in.

        No, this race did NOT comp my entry. As I said in the last post I would never even ask to be from a charity race, and I always have and always will openly promote anything I feel is worthy and awesome, regardless if I am “working” with them or not.


  2. My race-amnesia usually sets in about 10 mins after I cross the finish line. To be honest, even my doctor once agreed I am a glutton for punishment. I guess I’ve been diagnosed with it!


  3. I heard about the one in Pasadena on the radio. I am a super duper sucker for animals and thought about doing it. Good choice as it will help animals in need :) BTW your fur babies are super cute!


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  5. Oh my gawd, maybe I need to put on a race benefiting dog adoption just for the promise of getting the salt licked off me immediately post race.
    Love that you have a heart made of fur, just like me!



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