Weekend Plans–the Long Beach Marathon (volunteer style)

The Long Beach International Marathon and I have a somewhat torrid history, and true to the definition of “insanity” and bad boyfriends – I just can’t stay away.

In 2011 I ran the full marathon, my fourth, with a very public, overly confident “SUB4ORDIE” goal.

I didn’t run under four hours that day, but I didn’t die either. And given the finish line’s close proximity to the ocean and piers to jump off, we’re calling that a win.


2011 silver lining – mine and Sweaty’s first meeting and the spawning of our now internet-BFFness

In 2012 I ran the half as part of CIM full training, and PR’d (!), but had to finally accept the reality that the pain in my stupid leg was not a phantom injury. I struggled through the next two months attempting to heal while training, riding a “it’s better!” “no it’s fucking not” roller coaster the whole way. I eventually wound up with a DNF (did not finish) at the marathon.


2012 silver lining – getting to beer garden before the first keg kicked

So this year, I’m bound and determined to make amends with this race. I signed up for what I’m fairly confident cannot break down my fragile Long Beach history any further –


LB volunteer

SGK Volunteer

mostly-irrelevant selfie of B and I volunteering at SGK Race for the Cure a few years ago

Brian’s department at work calls for “healthy community involvement” or something like that, and he chose to help out at a race for his. I couldn’t let him go alone, and felt obligated to pay some karma back to the race I’ve cursed so heavily in the past, so we’ll be at the finish line on Sunday from 9-2. (hopefully we’ll get to sneak down a little early to catch some of the fast half finishers)

If you’re running this weekend please let me know! I have no idea what area or what duty we’ll be serving, but I’d love to pass out as many sweaty finish line hugs (or medals/water/bagels, depending on assignments and your touchy-feely preferences) as I can.

Fast legs and overcast skies to all you racing this weekend – here, there, and everywhere.

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “Weekend Plans–the Long Beach Marathon (volunteer style)

  1. Finish line is the best place to be! I posted up at the finish chute of a 70.3 a couple years ago and ended up losing my voice from screaming so much. I think that means I did it right.


  2. I think it’s awesome that you’re volunteering- it’s on my list of things to do this year, but I’m not sure if I’ll get to it for various reasons. I used to think being a race director would be an awesome job, but then realized you’d have to get to the course at like 2 am. Meh.


  3. I’m running the half and it will be my first time at Long Beach. Going to try for a sub 2 half, so hopefully the stars align for me. I think its awesome you’re volunteering, I just volunteered for a race the first time last week at the Chapman 5k. It was really fun and I want to volunteer again for something bigger.


  4. I thought of you recently – a blog reader (whose blog I also read) flew across the country to stay with me and run a race a few weeks ago! SO much fun. Sometimes the strangers from the internet can be the best of friends!



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