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Today’s post was supposed to be a recap of the UCSD Coveskipper Aquathlon – a triumphant tale of a runner conquering her fear of large bodies of water and inability to graduate from the doggie paddle to complete a 1000m OWS (open water swim) and 5k on the sand… likely in DFL (dead fcking last) because HI San Diego Tri Capital of the Universe but WAY TO GO OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS, GIRLFRIEND!

(super-level runons and some weird self-talk 3rd person narrative – who comes here for proper grammar?)

Instead you’re getting a hodgepodge of way less cool randoms because I didn’t do the race. My in-laws were in town all weekend and while I thought sneaking out a few hours before they flew back to Ohio wouldn’t be a big deal, I started feeling pretty guilty about shorting our time together. We won’t be going home for the holidays so this was our last chance for QT (quality time – I’m all about the acronyms today) in who knows how long. So I bailed on the race and get to keep my unreasonable ocean fear in tact until the next arm-twisting by tri friends. The good news is (other than escaping the death by OWS threat) that the UCSD Tri Club puts on the race as a fundraiser so at least my unused $ went somewhere worthwhile.

Anyway, here’s what else has been going on in my world lately.

Rocky Mayweather OUaL Tyson


you’d be super scared to run into me in a dark alley, wouldn’t you?

Last Wednesday before leaving Ohio from my short visit home after Bourbon Chase, I followed my sister up to the gym where she works and took one of their boxing classes. Talking wrapped hands, big gloves, heavy bags, and exhausting a lot of pent-up aggression I didn’t know I had.

refraining from doing the same jab-cross-jab to my computer screen for not letting me rotate this

My hands hurt so bad towards the end of class (unknown whether due to hitting SO HARD I’M SO STRONG or if I was just being a baby) and within the hour afterwards I could feel my legs and shoulders already getting sore. It took like 5 days to walk normal or reach higher than the second shelf of the pantry.

Cross train success?

Trails with SR and Sheila

Despite my barely functioning post-boxing legs, a last-minute offer for a group trail run Friday morning could not be passed up. I’ve been dying to get out to the trails more ever since playing off-pavement with Emily on her XC move, but am terrified of mountain lions, tripping and breaking a leg miles from my car, and/or getting lost to go out on my own.

Turns out: 1) trails are so hard & my flatland legs and just flat booty need some incline work and 2) just because you have company doesn’t mean you won’t get lost…


3) despite all that they’re super fun.

What was supposed to be a 5 mile, laid back jog turned into an 8.4 mile excursion through the very non-technical Laguna Wilderness Park. There couldn’t have been more than a handful of forks in the road but somehow we managed to take all the wrong ones and despite smart phones and masters degrees nearly had to call for a search and rescue team. Commentary during the second hour shifted from the first’s lighthearted life chats to “is that the parking lot all the way over there?” “I think I remember this hill…” “ok hold on let’s check the map one more time, just to be safe (discover we’re further than we were at last check)…”

It’s fine – not like Sheila had to call into work to postpone a conference call from the trail or I wound up half showered and late to work the LA expo that afternoon. Carpe freakin diem.

Expo’ing as an Exhibitor, not Taper-Crazed Runner


bathroom badge selfie and mass hydration – day in the life

After the trail debacle I got to hang out at the Nuun booth and chat with the RnR LA runners about my favorite hydration product and their upcoming races (I said the word “tequila” more often than they’d probably prefer, but it’s a valid selling point IMO.) Being on the other side of the booth was fun but a painful way to spend 6 hours after an oopsies accidentally killer AM workout.

Operation Feed the In-Laws

When Brian’s parents come to town we make a pretty valiant effort to mix our typical dive’y lifestyle with fun, impressive restaurants and stuff to do. Mostly because 1) we don’t want them to think we’re total bums eating subway and drinking PBR all the time and 2) because they pay so we get to try places we normally wouldn’t treat ourselves on.

This trip’s agenda, in case you’re ever in the OC and looking for some OUaL-approved spots, shaped out like so…

OUaL’s Guide to Eating & Drinking in Coastal OC

  • Margaritas & Guac at El Ranchito (chile margarita)
  • Pizza, Beer & Baseball at Newport Brew Co (veggie pizza, village idiot IPA)
  • Sandwiches & Schooners at Mutt Lynch’s, harbor boat tour (while I expo’d)
  • Wine & All the Carbs at Pizzeria Mozza (broccolini antipasti, goat cheese pizza no bacon)
  • Lunch at Nick’s Laguna (pear & apple market cocktail, asparagus fries, beet & salmon salad)
  • Custom Burgers, Beer & Baseball at The Counter (veggie salad bowl, lagunitas & stone IPA)

Hockey De-Virginization

My pal KJ is from North Dakota, which is basically Canada, which I understand is where hockey trumps religion and family and world affairs all rolled together. When she found out my only hockey experience was a period (I may have said quarter) of minor league rink action in college solely for dollar beers night, she threatened to banish me if I didn’t go to the Kings game with her. So I hauled my ass back up to LA Sunday night and watched a pretty exciting couple hours of fights on skates.

My main takeaways from the ice:

  • I thought nothing could top the rudeness of Dodgers fans, but it turns out Kings fans can. LA can’t you keep your trash trap censored a bit while kids (your kids!) are around? Also, don’t yell “OILERS SUCK!” during the National Anthem.
  • The Canadian anthem is cooler than ours (don’t unpatriotize me!) I played college ball with a few Canucks and they have some mad love for that tune.
  • Hockey is fun and engaging, and easy to follow. As a noob I never felt out of the loop but also the people behind us probably thought I was a major tool when KJ (ever so patiently) explained “crease” and “power play” and if anyone really does the Flying V


from KJ’s insta

For the Love of God and Vitamin D Get Your Skin Checked

I have my annual dermatologist appointment tomorrow to get my skin prodded and poked at looking for suspicious spots. I have a new freckle on my foot I’m a little concerned about, and I’m sure they’ll find something else to hack off and test while they’re at it. Brian’s dad nicknamed me Abby Normal because apparently just all of the cells in my body are abnormal and require extra testing. That’s a borderline TMI/cliffhanger but we’re leaving it there. Skin checks are easy and not scary so call your derm or find a derm and make an appointment, whether you’re freckly or tan or redheaded or a vampire. Prevention is cool!

And if you have questions or want help or are looking for a good sunscreen reco shoot me an email. Happy to share my (unfortunate) wisdom-ish.

And now we’re all caught up! 1300 words of nonsense later! Hooray.

Sarah OUaL


14 thoughts on “Things Lately

  1. I give my friends lectures ALL the time about sun safety. They would be serious about it too if it looked like they had a half-inch stab wound on their left boob from a mole removal that took seven stitches (and have passed out getting biopsied in six different spots, which led to me thinking I peed my pants but really I just sweat through my jeans, really cool). I know how you feel and I’m glad you’re talking about it so frankly! I spread my unwanted, but necessary advice, to my friends constantly. I wish I could take back my tanning bed days from senior year of college or all the times I got burnt like once a week in the summer because it was “normal.” Sun safety, FTW! I hope all of your tests turn out perfectly fine. Thinking of you!


  2. That boxing class looks like a lot of fun!
    And OWS aren’t that bad, so long as you can hyperventilate underwater while still moving forward!
    By the way, I live in edmonton, and the oilers do suck! (I might be the only non hockey fan in canada…)
    Also thanks for the reminder of getting my skin checked. It’s in my to-do list but it keeps getting put off.


  3. Oh Canada! Taking the kids to the kings game on Saturday…..I hope their little ears will not hear too much crap…. ! Usually hockey fans are pretty vocals!!! And hockey is a religion it is no joke…:)


  4. best place to take out of town visitors: Carmelita’s in Laguna. BEST mexican food. seriously, my whole family loves it. i had an out of town friend saying she was craving mexican. i knew exactly to take her to carmelitas. they also have cucumber margaritas that are amazing.


  5. I can’t run trails solo bc I would get lost and have to live there forever. I’m useless. I am always being cut up at the derms office too. The curse of being and Irish blonde.


  6. Ive never been to a kings game but LA sports fans are not gentlemen. One of the cool things about Hockey is that its a fun and crazy sport to watch but most of the players are kind and respectful canadians as soon as the get off the ice. Plus they fight and its fun.


  7. Dear Lord love the boxing!! Kickboxing was my favorite form of cross training back when I was actively training for a half. It really does wear the heck out of your shoulders and every other muscle. Oh and we have a local hockey team and although I rarely know what is going on, it is so fun and I love watching the fights and people watching fellow fans.


  8. seriously love that you continue to talk about your skin issues- i think people get sick of hearing me talk about it since it’s my job IRL….but love that you stay on top of it. hoping all is okay!! And your trail experience is spot on as to why my ass isn’t doing any of that alone. :)



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