EFF YESSS!! Friday

All-caps and exclamations slightly overzealous, but only slightly.

I’ve decided that each week (hopefully, we all know I’m not the most routine or reliable in blogland) I’ll share three things I’m effing loving – running, non-running, food, beer, things from other people, commercial-break-approved ab routines, secrets I discovered about my neighbors… who knows! Anything that makes me (and hopefully you) say EFF YES! and kicks off the weekend on the right foot. Or left if you’re one of those.

  • side story: I always wanted to be a lefty growing up, because I liked being “not normal” without being too super weird. It seemed cool but then saw a girl walk around with a giant pencil smudge stain all over her hand and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. I did bat left-handed in softball and drink left-handed, but that’s because you can have a fork or pen or whatever in your right and not put down your drink and that’s why god gave us two hands and created multi-tasking.

Random story time over.

So today I want to share some of my current favorite tunes. Songs that pump me up out of the deepest pain/boredom caves during runs AND get full windows-down, top-of-my-lungs, tone-deaf singalongs in the car. The true measurements of a song’s success. Right?

New(ish), Flirting with Radio Overplay

Joe Nichols – Sunny and 75

no shame, it’s because it’s always sunny + 75 in SoCal

Classic Oldie-Goodie


MIA – Paper Planes

jog.fm says it’s good for a 7:48 mile. mid-stride finger pistols should be avoided when in eyesight of others

The (weirdly) Nostalgic Throwback

Hawthorne Heights – Ohio is for Lovers

sucker for any mention of Ohio and a head-boppin beat. reminds me of angry gym sessions and running around campus, back before I was a “real” runner

And that’s all I’ve got. For now.

Have a cool weekend, dudes.

Sarah OUaL

8 thoughts on “EFF YESSS!! Friday

  1. I was the same way about wanting to be a lefty. I played basketball and softball and always wanted to be a lefty in those sports. I am from Akron, Ohio and live in Arkansas so anytime I see/hear anything Ohio, I go crazy.


  2. I’m a lefty. It’s a great convo starter (sometimes) and a hassle regularly. The more I observe the world the more I noticed how I’ve adapted myself around it. Kinda wild eh?


  3. I freaking LOVED Hawthorne Heights back in the day. My “Ohio is for Lovers” t-shirt was a staple in my wardrobe as a 17 year old Minnesota girl. Thanks for the reminder; I’m going to have to find that CD.



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