Google Nexus 7 Review + a Giveaway (it’s not a tablet, sorry)

[dislcaimer – sponsored post. FTC says I have to put this here. There’s a giveaway at the bottom, though. You decide whether it’s worth your time or not to continue on.]

Over the summer when I was revamping my life and being all super high on my break up with corporate America, I redid our at-home “office” (spare bedroom) so I’d have a more stable place to work. You know, like, when you’re there it’s time to get serious and get shit done. Anyway, I shared the before and after with you, which was mostly just rearranging furniture and throwing away a bunch of random crap (hi first college apartment rental agreement! why do I still have you?). I knocked out my shopping list almost completely at Ikea, Target, and Homegoods, and managed not to get thrown in joint-finance budget jail in the process.

from the budget office makeover post

By some twist of sweet-baby karmic fate, somebody from Staples read my post, and was all, “Hey, you had a Google Nexus 7 on your shopping list. They’re awesome. You should definitely have one.” Of course I screened their IP to make sure they weren’t from Punk’d or a troll board messing with me before agreeing, because hello, safety first and the internet is weird. Luckily the oual background check cleared, I put my cynical paranoia away for a bit, and they sent me one. It was probably the proudest day of my little internet life.

google nexus 7

shiny new 7” Google Nexus7 – and an easy button.

I had actually gone into a Staples the week earlier killing time before a doctors appointment to play with their tablet display models. I knew I was going to start being on the road more and needed something to work on that was easy to transport (read: wouldn’t take up too much precious real estate in my carry-on) and that I wouldn’t shit my pants die if I lost or broke. I didn’t need any fancy bells or whistles or anything – just some email, word processing, spreadsheet-geeking, and photo editing. I’m a woman of simple demands… Most of the time.

Anyway, the Nexus 7 fit all those bills. Plus I’ll trust anything with the G-stamp on it – I’m pretty sure Google will be running the world (shortly after amazon’s drones start delivering all our shit) so might as well get on board now.

As much as having the 7” screen has been convenient and wonderful and refreshing for my strained eyeballs, I’ve decided flip-flopping between iOS on my phone and Android is like one of those brain exercises they suggest you do to keep your noggin from turning to mush, which I really like. Drive home a different way, learn a musical instrument, simultaneously operate two different mobile device platforms… It’s good for you.*

google nexus 7 -1

sidenote: new ‘do debut!

*untested science

Originally I swore this would be my “business” only tablet. I only downloaded the apps I’d use “professionally”, and would use my tiny screen iPhone or archaic lug of a laptop for everything else.

That lasted like, 10 days. It was a valiant effort but seemed irresponsible to not use it to its full potential.

google nexus 7 -2

Multitasking – checking twitter with legs-up-the-wall after a tempo run

google nexus 7 -3

Gateway’ing into a gambling problem – I’m down $251 in regular solitaire. Do they have solitaire tables in Vegas?

google nexus 7 -4

bypassing CNN and HuffPo for the kindle app where Kelly Oxford and Tina Fey teach me all I need to know about the world

google nexus 7 -5

technically playing Pandora IN the office follows the business rule. turning the volume up loud enough (the speakers are actually quite good) to hear through the whole house might not be.

A few other points worth noting:

  • Battery life isn’t great, but isn’t awful. I can get a full workday of Pandora’ing and a few chapters of Kindle’ing no problem, but keep the charger cord handy.
  • I purchased a bluetooth keyboard (this one, I think) to use which has been pretty clutch for actual writing. The wireless connection can be spotty resulting in some typing-but-nothing’s-happening nuances, but I suspect that’s an err on the keyboard because it also did it when I paired it to my phone for testing. But yes – keyboard accessory a must if you plan to use a tablet as a laptop replacement.
  • I’m carrying it naked (no case), but did put a screen protector on it. I couldn’t find a case or carrying thing I liked that wasn’t $150 Marc Jacobs from Nordstrom Rack (wtf seriously?), but had an old envelope clutch with a satin liner that actually works perfect.
  • I’ll probably drop and shatter it in the next three hours after confessing that.
  • The design is super sleek and low profile, which makes the power/”wake up” and volume buttons a little hard to locate sometimes.
  • Camera seems pretty good, although I’m 100% more likely to use my phone than pull this big thing out to capture a moment. Plus, surprise selfie-mode is extra frightening on a big 7” screen…

photo (1)

how many times has this happened to you?

So, I tried to get you guys a Google Nexus 7 of your own but I guess it wasn’t in the cards or I need to work on my negotiation skills or something. BUT! I have a terrific consolation prize…

Staples is giving away a Moleskin notebook of your choice (up to $50) to one lucky Once Upon a Lime reader! It’s like a Non-cyber/Cyber Monday deal! Your reward for making it through this post and having to look at that super fug selfie.

To enter you have to leave a comment telling me one of the following: (one entry per person)

  • 1) an embarrassing story you’d only tell your journal or best friend (or best internetstrangerfriend)
  • 2) something exciting happening in 2014 that will get a big sharpie circle and exclamation points in your planner
  • 3) the title of your yet-to-be-penned autobiography. entry doesn’t count if it’s just your name or something boring. I want “the girl who couldn’t stop dying her hair” or “…and then I OD’d on pickle relish” or “Sarah, forgets she hates candy corn every fall.”

And, because it’s the season of giving,

  • one bonus entry for tweeting or facebooking. Leave a separate comment or else it doesn’t count.

Winner will be drawn randomly Friday 12/6. US residents only, please (sorry int’l pals!) Good luck!

Sarah OUaL

Staples Inc provided me with the tablet for review, and the Moleskin journal for giveaway. All thoughts, opinions, awful photos, and typos are my own.


59 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 Review + a Giveaway (it’s not a tablet, sorry)

  1. So, back in college I took a class with a friend called Russian Fairy Tales. (I think it fulfilled a foreign subject credit? It was interesting though – really!) And we swore one day we would write an autobiographical book about all the stupid/funny things from college and title it: “A Russian Peasant Would know This: and Other Talking Hedgehog Tales”. So that is the (random) title of my autobiography, were I to pen one.


  2. My big, exciting plans for 2014 are that I’m having a baby in June! I could really use a beautiful moleskin notebook to record all the excitement over the next few months :)


  3. So, this gets less embarrassing the more I tell it, so here you go: first group long run with new friend co-ed co-workers (hooray! running friends!) and as I’m pulling something out of my vest, a tampon falls out on the ground. I also didn’t realize it until co-worker picked it up and handed it to me. Thankfully, red face goes great with yellow Oiselle jacket. :)


  4. Alright here we go people!!!!
    First – The story of the lost pineapple undies. I was getting my undergrad in Mech. Engineering, and was basically the only girl in any of my classes (one would like I leveraged that….yeah…no. FML). Anywho….there was the inevitable Calc 4 final that had to be taken during December that required fleece pants and a hoodie..I’m in Wisconsin, so it’s basically a uniform. I am diligently working away…plowing through graphite and erasers like it’s the end of the world, and then I stand up and walk to the front of the class to hand in my exam. Exam handed in, feeling like a BAMF, turn around and see my absolutely favorite pair of undies sitting in the middle of the aisle. CRAP! I have three options
    1. Pick them up
    2. Ignore them and act like they totally belong to the huge dude sitting next to me
    3. See #2, but add stealth return to classroom after the exam to save my undies
    I cleverly opted for the “act natural, but desperately run back later” approach….which seemed like a great idea, until when I got back to the classroom…They. Were. Gone. WTH?? I checked the garbage can (come on…they were awesome undies)….nothing!! Some dude from my calc class stole my underwear!!! Epic fail. I still miss them.

    Second – I plan on changing careers!!! I am a Project Manager…and I need to work for a company that cares for people and their bodies. So…2014 is the year of figuring that out. Woot!!! Circle the dang year….BOOM!

    Third – The title would be: “I am the Ninja of Awesomeness, and Here’s Why…..”


  5. So looking forward to a child less vacation in Punta Cana with my husband and some cool friends in the spring (which seems SO far away)…haven’t done an all inclusive since 2005 when I was preggo with #2….so looking forward to enjoying the all inclusiveness of vacation and leaving all four monkeys safe with grandparents/family for a glorious week!


  6. My title would be “The Lies We Tell Ourselves” as in, “You totally don’t look like ass every time you run more than one mile” or “You definitely can binge-watch ‘Scandal’ and still get an ‘A’ on that exam tomorrow.”


  7. My autobiography would be called “Can you talk louder I cant hear you or I wasnt listening but Im not going to say which”


  8. Plans for 2014 – Getting my life back by being able to move into my own apartment after a serious illness. I can’t wait to begin life all over again.


  9. An embarrassing moment for me was years ago when we could all smoke in the bar and a male came up to ask me for a lighter. Instead of pulling the lighter out of my purse, I grabbed a tampon and handed it to him by mistake.


  10. embarrassing story: go into coffee shop with a button up shirt on, I am paying for my coffee and the cashier says “excuse me miss, your top is not on all the way” I respond with “it’s OK I have a tank top on underneath” found out shortly after she meant the top to my coffee….


  11. August 16th will be circled- I’ll be getting married! As well as many other more stressful notes about my graduate thesis, practicum, and internship. Blehhh!


  12. Something embarassing….hmmm having to poop in the woods during a run.
    Name of my autobiography: The Girl with many goals and dreams
    Coming to 2014…hopefully half marathons number 9 and 10!


  13. I am going on a medical service trip to Ecuador with some of my fellow medical students next summer!! It will certainly be getting a Sharpie circle and exclamation points in my planner! :)


  14. First …..being a hairdresser and all, ‘do debut major score! You can easily….go both ways. (Pun intended)
    Second…Jan. 2014 marathon #6 with hopeful PR. Provided my achilles isn’t ripped to shreds by then.


  15. I’m signing up and actually finishing the Marine Corp Marathon next fall. Why is this a big deal? Because 15 years ago I signed up and didn’t finish my training after getting injured. And because I signed up and thought I could do it, my little sister decided if I could do it, so could she. Flash forward those 15 years and she has run so many marathons, and made it into Boston to boot. And I’ve run zilch marathons. Nada. None. So 2014 is the year I close that loop and finish what I started so long ago.


  16. Title of my book “Why doesn’t God use neon?” All my major life decisions would be much easier to make if God used a giant neon sign to help guide me. But that’s just me.
    And all my embarrassing moments really are too embarrassing to share!


  17. My whole 2014 is going to be sharpie worthy! I’m focusing on strength in 2014 and will fill it up with strength challenges to hopefully form a habit (21 days is just not enough for me :-). And this will take me up to our 10 year anniversary to celebrate at the end of 2014. Bring it on!



    My autobiography would be called “How Did She Get This Far?” because I seriously can’t believe I’m this old being this clumsy and prone to dumb shit.

    Disneyland March 2014!!


  19. Jennifer L: Poorly Timed Holocaust Jokes

    Don’t hate me, I didn’t make that up! It was from a game of Cards Against Humanity that popped in my head. Figured I could use it as an autobiography title. ;)


  20. Awesome giveaway! I’m obsessed with all notebooks, so a fancy adult, moleskin one would be awesome!!
    My autobiography would be called ” Confessions of a crazy cat lady, and other short stories from her borderline obsessive compulsive neat freak husband”. :-)


  21. I’m looking forward to finally going on a honeymoon trip somewhere tropical in March! My man & I got married in August, but he’s a professor so he had to start school pretty soon after… so we’re using his spring break to get away from grey & cold Pittsburgh to go somewhere WARM! I CAN’T WAIT!


  22. Here’s a timely embarrassing story. I was watching the sound of music last night and singing along like I always do, and every time I seen my dog would run away from me.


  23. Graduating with my M.A. in May of 2014, and hopefully moving to a state with seasons! Florida is no fun for hot-natured runners!


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