Travelin’ Band (/athletic apparel salesperson)


this was taken somewhere in AZ on the first day of Roundtrip Road Trip… or maybe it was New Mexico. Anyway, this will be my POV for the next few days. Who wants shotgun?

I finally overshot a parking space one time too many and my partially dislodged bumper became non-partially dislodged on Friday. Why do they make those stupid curb stopper things so tall? If you want me to pull all the way in and tap it with my tires to keep my ass from hanging out in the way of parking lot traffic, then don’t make the concrete blocks so high that my undercarriage comes off when it’s time to leave. Please. I don’t want to have to put a lift kit on my Avenger but by the grace of Henry Dodge I will if it keeps everything put together in the future.

Ok that was a little too random.

So once my poor bumper car is done at the shop I’m hitting the road to show the new Oiselle line to all the cool desert people in Arizona. Maybe run a few miles (c’mon, hip!), see the Little Wings and some Volee teammates, and eat some Red Velvet pancakes while I’m there. Hopefully not getting any speeding tickets or rip off any more bumpers.

So, your missions before 1pm PST when I leave, not “should you choose to accept them” because really just do me a solid and help me out here:

  • Favorite Podcasts? Specifics, please. I know “Life Hacks” and “This American Life” are popular but I don’t have time to sift through extensive catalogs to pick a good episode (or five)
  • Are you on Spotify? Have a killer playlist? Send me your username!

Also, related but more all-days generalization:

If there is a product, brand, or something totally random you wish your local run shop would sell, TELL THEM! They may not know about it, or do but don’t think their customers are wanting it, or just need a gentle nudge to submit an order. It’s a pretty big decision for a small, independent store of any kind to take a chance on a new product line (budget, floor space, contracts, etc) and if they don’t think it will move, they’re unlikely to bring it in. The most efficient way to get what you want on the shelves? INCESSANTLY BEG FOR IT! Ask in store. Social media them. Submit a formal request on their website. Send a carrier pigeon, I don’t care. They won’t know you’re looking for it if you don’t tell them! I hadn’t realized all the little bits and pieces that have to line up just right for it to happen until I got on this side of the sales table, but can tell you 100% if they hear their customers ask for something enough, they’ll act on it if they can. When I moved back in with my parents after college I filled out a comment slip at my hometown grocery store asking for soy milk, because they only carried cows’ and I was on a weird anti-dairy kick then. I don’t remember if they actually brought it in or not (I moved away from the dairy farms where the milk came from and to a city with a Trader Joe’s and 15 kinds of milks a few months later) but I felt better for having tried!


a purposefully indistinguishable preview of things that could be hanging in your store soon

And for the record, that little grocer in Corntown does carry soymilk, AND almond milk I think, these days. High five, Ohio! High five, comment box!

(now leave your podcast suggestions in my comment box.)

Sarah OUaL


27 thoughts on “Travelin’ Band (/athletic apparel salesperson)

  1. I never have a problem asking people to order specific items that I want, especially if I see that they do carry a brand I like, but not the particular product. It doesn’t necessarily mean they order it, but I feel better knowing that I tried! There aren’t too many places near me that carry Oiselle. :-(


  2. If you like comedy podcasts, check out the ones in the “network” of podcasts. My favourites are Judge John Hodgman and Stop Podcasting yourself. If you’re a Dan Savage fan – he has a podcast (The Savage Lovecast) which is pretty great.

    One of the most riveting single episodes of a podcast I’ve ever listened to is the August 13, 2013 episode of Radiolab called “Rodney Versus Death.”

    Hope you have a good trip!


  3. I love this! There aren’t many running type stores where I live but I don’t have any problem asking for a store to get something in. The worst they can say is no and then there is nothing wrong with it! I wish there were stores around here that carried Oiselle – I’ve always wanted to try it out!


  4. I haven’t been into podcasts lately and when I do it’s usually something mega nerdy like space and physics.. so…. unless you’re into that too I won’t encourage you to do the same.
    I DO however enjoy audiobooks and HIGHLY suggest downloading Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” for any road trip (or long run, for that matter) listening material.

    Also, I’ve been pushing hard for the running store that I work at to carry Oiselle! I think it might be slowly working. Do you know if there’s a Oiselle sales rep for Canada?


  5. I’ve been asking my local running store to carry Oiselle and Hokas but so far they are just looking at me a little funny….will keep trying and showing up for group runs in cool outfits to hopefully convince them!!!


  6. I really like the Slate Mag Culture Gabest. It’s especially nice when they talk about movies or exhibits and whatnot that I’ve actually seen, but other times they give me ideas of ‘cultural’ things to see, read, listen to, and do. Have a good trip!


  7. “Food is the new rock” is an awesome podcast. Musicians talking about food! Food on the road, restaurants, holiday meals, etc. so good and hilarious!


  8. Since your a sports-loving gal like myself, you might enjoy the B.S. Report (Bill Simmons). I also love listening to the Dan Patrick Show when I’m unable to watch it on TV (hilarious and takes up a good two hours). Happy travels!


  9. The $10 Spotify premium membership is probably the best investment I’ve made since I started living out of the Brooksmobile! I’ll be browsing some of these podcast recommendations for sure. Ah the life of a running rep… :)


  10. I think Colin Cowherd is pretty awesome. Very funny sports overview with random bits of life advice thrown in. Even though it’s not a podcast, I recommend listening to Mitch Hedberg for a long trip! You won’t regret it!



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