Nobody Likes to Read on Fridays

I’ve been reveling in Wednesday’s “Personality Requirements* for Marathoners” post the last two days and didn’t bother thinking of anything to write for today. It was one of those rare moments where an idea hits you in the face, then you actually are able to sit down and crank it out before it slips away, and I was pretty proud of it. Plus y’all seemed to like it, so, double bonus.

* If I offended anyone with the “borderline alcoholic” comment, I apologize – it was brought to my attention that could be a sensitive subject for some and shouldn’t be joked about. It was meant lightheartedly and in good fun but again, my bad if it hit a wrong chord. *

So since I don’t really have anything to talk about, how bout a photo dump everyone seems to do/like/cop-out with? Good deal. Here we go.

the camp costa mesa

The Lab and The Camp in Costa Mesa are my favorite places. Indie shopping centers full of great food, unique thingies, and inspirational parking spots. Brilliant since so much rage stems from “look at how that jackoff parked!” and “oh no! no you don’t! that’s my spot!”


Google Maps app has been super struggle bus’ing me lately. Anyone else?

portable pbb

How to have a PB Banana on-the-go. Not pictured: digging PB spoon out from seat crack after making first turn. Reminds me I probably should take my car in for a good interior cleaning…


Making the most of my renewed gym membership and minimal running allowance during recovery by going to spin class. The jazz hands excitement waned quickly as my ass got handed to me – in so many more ways than one. (pic taken before class, promise I’m not “that girl”)

gym rhinestone

Proof that either girls or very flamboyant guys lift weights – rogue rhinestone on the floor by the squat racks?

frankie chico

The audience while I brush my teeth each night. They say thanks for reading their rescue stories and are working on accepting that I’ll be hanging out with other dogs sometimes.

airplane broken sink

Broken airplane sink – nappy wipes and sanitizer gel are about the same, right?



Golden Road Brewing in LA – current “local-ish” obsession. Surfliner with Mosaic hops? One million times YES.






Hahahahaha just kidding that’s an ultrasound from my ruptured ovarian cyst a few months ago. Still empty wombed. It’d be pretty messed up to follow a brewery pic with that, huh?

Have a nice weekend, pals!

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “Nobody Likes to Read on Fridays

  1. Golden Road is the new brewer for Lazy Dog Restaurant’s house beers – there are 6 of them exclusive to Lazy Dog! The Honey Blonde and Bavarian Hefe are my fav! :)


  2. The rhinestone totally reminds me of a Mindy Project episode where Danny is helping Mindy workout so he takes her to his gym and tells her to go change. She says “These are my workout clothes… they’re sweat resistant rhinestones!” haha! Please tell me someone else watches that show?!


  3. LOL thanks for getting me all excited with the ultrasound pics. you are cruel lol. Although I am not one to talk. I trick people all the time with it. I’ll probably be cursed (or blessed) with triplets now.



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