The Perks of -17

ca oh

I’m in the mug on the right.

It’s even effing colder here than they say. I’ve survived 2.5 days so far, and suspect I’ll probably make it out alive. Unless snow comes and I can’t find someone to chauffeur me around. Because driving in the snow is NOT like riding a bike.

The good news is there is plenty of beer and old high school hoodies at my parents’ house, so if I do barricade my road hazard California ass indoors at least I can enjoy my brews and glory days simultaneously. And then pass out in my childhood twin bed. Just like 2004.

Hashtag nostlagia.

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “The Perks of -17

  1. Ohh, it’s COLD here in Massachusetts, but not THAT cold. I’m about sick of this weather – can you make a layover to Mass., pack me up in your suitcase when you leave, and being me back to California with you???


  2. Isn’t it so cold here?! ugh! Sometimes I hate living in Ohio and want to move south!! BUT then they got pounded with snow this week so I might as well just stay here! ;) Hope you have a great weekend!! Stay warm!



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