… and Running in -17

I planned to run inside on the treadmill all trip. I’d made amends with my old foe and was actually enjoying my rehab runs on it – I even stopped calling it the “dreadmill.” (for now at least) and packed a few pairs of shorts preparing for indoor sweatin’ time.

But after a few days chained to the driver’s seat while visiting the Ohio Oiselle dealers, I didn’t care where or in what climate or on what revolving or not surface it was, I just wanted to run. And when little sister says she wants to run with you, you lace up, pile on every layer you packed (and a few more you found leftover in your old dresser), and hit the pavement.

photo 1

p.s. the new Flow Tights are prettttty awesome. They’re 3/4 length but hit me pretty low – if you’re a shorty they’d probably be a great full-length for you.

After the record lows and brutal windchill from the past few days, Friday’s 28 degrees felt damn near balmy, and I have to say I kind of enjoyed it.

So much we did it again on Saturday.

snow run

And Sunday.

findley snow run

findley summer winter

Findley State Park Two Ways – same dock, August vs February. That 18 miler with Emily stands as my last “good” long run. Not my last handstand, though.

Granted we didn’t spend more than 30 minutes out each time since I’m still slowly creeping up my mileage per the hamstring tendinosis recovery plan – I’m sure if I had to be long-running or everyday running or solo running it would get old pretty freaking quickly, but it was a fun change of scenery. Not saying I’d willingly trade in my sunny beachside runs for snow-banked side roads and below-freezing temps, and I’m sure the novelty would wear off pretty quickly, but… Actually I don’t have anywhere to go from this. I guess I’m just saying Ohio’s not all that bad.

(but I’m really glad I get to go back home to shorts and t-shirt running weather tonight.)

((still love you, Ohio))

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “… and Running in -17

  1. Fingers crossed that one of your stops in Ohio was UAR in Dayton!!! I am bringing some friends around to the Oiselle love, but it would be great to have more in stock locally!


  2. Minnesota runner here. Actually, my “running happy place” is between 20 and 45 degrees. You don’t overheat, you don’t get sweaty, it’s comfortable to wear a hydration pack, and if you packed enough to eat, you can go all day long.

    Downside is that once it hits 60 here, I burst into flames.

    Still, as an early-morning runner, that gets me through about 9 months out of 12!


  3. Hope you are pushing bird love in CBus. I’m damn tired of having to order gear without trying it on first. I travel the state for work, and can never find Oiselle in stock at my favorite Cleveland and Dayton dealers.
    Glad you enjoyed some brisk running. I was stoked to get out in temps above 10 degrees. Happy road to recovery!


  4. So jealous of your shorts and t-shirt wardrobe! I recently moved from Cali to DC…the result of a brief moment of insanity and lack of impulse control…
    Anywho, I’ll live through my lack of better judgement remorse through reading your sunny adventures. glad I found your blog!



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