Too Proud to Beg

Ok but actually I wasn’t. If you’re on twitter you probably saw my shameless pleas the past few days for a last-minute runner to join our ultra team for Ragnar Del Sol.


the only one left because even I started calling myself pathetic and deleted the rest

Oh, by the way, I’ll be in Arizona for Ragnar Del Sol this weekend.

Oh and don’t bother calling the rehab police, because I’m not *really* running.

See, here’s the story:

Back in January when I got my injury diagnosis, I realized my rehab plan of “start at 1 mile and build slowly” wasn’t going to get me to ultra relay shape by mid-February. The 28 miles I was slotted to run are actually almost more than I’ve run all month, so yeah, that wasn’t happening.

Luckily Jocelyn was game to book a flight from #inbend and join the team, and I kicked Brian out (/had mercy on his good husband soul) of driver’s duties – to hell if I was going to let the whole relay slip away! I’ve put hours and hours of sales rep driving in the last few months, and those miles were about to pay off! I am totally in shape to DRIVE an ultra relay team 200 miles.

Unfortunately though another last-minute injury struck, and our already battered and bruised line up was down a runner slotted for 38 miles. Not exactly easily replaceable, especially four days before race weekend.

We all lobbied our address books, begged training partners, and tossed desperate pleas all over the internet looking for help. Lots of people offered, but in the end silly things like jobs, astronomical airfare, and children relying on breastmilk/parenting trumped running a million miles on no sleep in a smelly van with strangers.

So weird.

But the cool news is, instead of my head spinning off its axis and exploding like a Type A piñata, we came up with a contingency plan that I think will work. I’ll be running two short legs (9 miles total, within PT-approved range) and my teammates will be covering the other 190, including the extra miles from our lost soldier. NBD whatever they’re kind of badass. We also adopted a “slow and steady” pace plan instead of “let’s kill ourselves trying to break 24 hours!” and bought extra peanut butter-filled pretzels to fix any other problems that may arise. PB pretzels are the keystone of relaying if you didn’t know, and are proven to fix all in-van ailments.

pb pretzels

So Friday afternoon Jocelyn, Margot, Kristina, Robyn, the blogger formerly known as SkinnyRunner and I will be puttering our big ol’ white van around Phoenix, hopefully keeping everyone in whole pieces until the finish Saturday.

And because maybe you’re more concerned about my 15 passenger van driving skills than my running, don’t worry – I purchased the additional liability plan.

(really wish there was one of those for runners, too)

See you in AZ!

Sarah OUaL

* code DSRUN is good for 40% off and free s/h on all marathon socks and sleeves at <— thanks, PC for supporting our team! *

procompression ragnar


13 thoughts on “Too Proud to Beg

  1. Good discipline!! I’m on the injury list trying to recover while training for Boston & it’s super frustrating! How do you stay sane? I think I’m starting to drive people crazy…


  2. So many people are injured right now (including me)! I feel like everyone I know if either getting over an injury or just sustained one! I have a race I signed up for in two weeks…luckily it’s just a 5-k, so I may walk it if I’m not limping around at that point. Being injured sucks!


  3. Injuries are tough I am slowly coming back from one but it still scares me every day and some days I wonder if I will ever quit thinking about it! Good luck!!!


  4. Injuries are the worst but I’m glad everything is working out! Im pretty slow but if you ever need another southern California area runner let me know!



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