FanGirl’ing Continues–Oiselle Wedding, Oxy, Cleveland

May has turned into #FanGirl month, like for real.

After getting a crash course in triathlon and following along with the Wildflower madness, and camping out with a cowbell and hastily-made poster for hours at the OC Marathon, I headed up to the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half for a whole new kind of race day adventure.

A running wedding.


oiselle wedding santa barbara wine half

pink Newtons + technical tuxedo tshirt, natch

I was planning on going up for the race and expo to see and support one of my Oiselle dealers, Santa Barbara Running Company (and duh, have an excuse to visit wine country) so when I heard JJ and Shanna from Ois headquarters would be down hosting mid-course nuptials, I couldn’t pass up the chance to tag along.

oiselle wedding santa barbara wine half 2

Shanna, excited arms, and on-the-run social media’ette JJ.


We ran the first six miles with Erika and Keith, playing on-the-run paparazzo, chatting, and yelling at each mile marker “only ___ miles left as a single woman/man!” Some people along the course yelled congratulations, some looked on like whathafuck is she wearing, and eventually the crew peeled off the course and up to the church. After a little freshen up and passing of champagne, the priest went through a quick (race clock still ticking!) and lovely ceremony. They kissed, we cheered, and the whole crew headed back out to finish the rest of the race.

Shanna, JJ, and I did not, because, champagne. Also because I’m not in that kind of distance shape and they needed to be at the finish to capture the big finale.

oiselle wedding santa barbara wine half 3

this + more photos in the “Oiselle Wedding” album on FB

Anyway, it was a really cool and unique way to spend the morning. Not to mention the redesigned “Runaway Bride” dresses look a-freaking-mazing. If I ever go colorblind I hope that purple is the only color in my life. I guess that’d be monocolorblind. Uno-hue. Whatever. If that’s a thing where you can only see one color I hope that’s it.

The fun’s not over though, because Thursday I’m heading up to LA for the Oxy High Performance track meet! Lauren, FastK8, Lauren W, Lauren P, Amanda W, and Amanda M are all racing, along with pretty much every other big name in distance track apparently because HOLY STACKED, BATMAN —> Heat Sheets (I bet there are at least two names even passive running fans would recognize in there) ((you’ll notice my name is not one of them, contrary to what my impeccable steeple form might lead you to believe))

oxy high performance 2014

* will be webcasting the meet if you want to play fangirl/boy from home:

Oxy High Performance LIVE broadcast

My biggest issue right now is not having a fan shirt for the 1500m.

oiselle fan tees

fleshman flyer /// fastk8

THEN – but wait, there’s more! – I’m off to the homestead this weekend to spectate and support at the Cleveland Marathon! Mom and little sis are running the half, and my buddy Dan (remember him from bourbon chase?) is running his first full. I’m so secondhand masochistically excited to see his pained face at mile 20 already.

That’s a solid month of races without actually running one myself. Someday I’ll hop back on the other side of the cowbell…

* * Anybody else going to be at Oxy or Cleveland??

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “FanGirl’ing Continues–Oiselle Wedding, Oxy, Cleveland

  1. That looks fun!
    FYI, I’ve had 3 sessions of Acupuncture w/ electrical stim, for my high Hamstring Tendinosis, and it seems to be helping a lot. I think ART was making mine worse. I hope yours is healing up too!


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