When Ordinary is More

lifecycle of an ordinary run


eee ahh ooo eeee, creek crack squeak, shuffle scuffle plop plop

‘don’t judge a run by the first mile… don’t judge a run by the first mile…’


thump, thummmp, thumpthump, THUMP

inhale, exhaaaaaaale, inhaaaaaale, exha- inha- exhale-e-e…


swish, swish, swish

‘alright, finally, this feels kind of normal’


push, lift, push, lift, push, lift

‘…is there time for one more??’

run fall

Who’s counting anymore??

It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary run into extraordinary, but when it happens, it’s worth those miles in gold.

Sarah OUaL

5 thoughts on “When Ordinary is More

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