I made it. Survived the 900 mile drive, made fast friends with the local bartenders and baristas, and can get to work unaided by GPS (so what if it’s less than a mile away). Pretty much killing it at the “new kid in town” thing.

Backing up to the actual move. Brian is staying in SoCal to finish working through the year, so the original plan was for a SoCal friend to join me on the drive up the #oregontrail, then fly home. That plan faulted when Thanksgiving weekend put up a fat cock-block with $400+ one-way flights. That’s some kind of friendship I could never ask from someone because aint no way I’m coughing up four bens down the road to make even stevens.

This is where Emily comes in – just as I was accepting the idea of doing the U-haul-trailer, dogs-in-the-backseat, 14-hour drive alone, I curiously searched flights from Eugene to CA. $110 for an after-work, time-for-a-beer-when-you-arrive flight? Thank you, whoever up above or at United threw that bone my way. Sweaty OUaL Roadtrip Round Two – Game freaking ON.

lime moves to bend

The original Round Trip Road Trip of 2012 was chronicled on Tumblr – have fun reading backwards I can’t get that shit to turn around

The second fun part of the logistics’ing was when I went to go get a hitch put on my car so we could tow the trailer, and the hitch guy pretty much called it a death wish. Four cylinder, two wheel drive cars aren’t meant to pull thing, let alone up and over mountains. Well what the hell is Uhaul letting me rent one for?!

“Do you have another car you could borrow, or maybe rent a truck for the day?”

“Well my husband has an Explorer, but Uhaul said you can’t tow behind them for some lawsuit reason.”

*Sketchy backdoor plan hatching that involved picking up trailer with someone else’s car, hooking it up to the Explorer at home, and hoping not to get caught… all instigated by Mr Hitch Guy that apparently didn’t want to make any money that day.*

So I went to Uhaul to pick up boxes the next day (two days before scheduled take off,) and saw just how tiny that stupid $400 trailer was. Aint no way in freaking hell we’re gonna fit half our stuff in there, let alone make it worth our while to execute some form of highway robbery/felonious activity in doing so. I got home and immediately cancelled the reservation and booked the UBox moving pod thing I originally planned on using before I got super cheap and “we can just sell all our stuff!” At that point a few extra hundred dollars seemed well worth it.

Even if that means eating ramen and PBJ for the next month.

sweaty oual rd 2

The drive was pretty uneventful. Unlike the 12-day, helter-skelter, stop-every-time-we-see-a-running-trail-or-brewery trip last year, we just cranked it out. Trunk full of bags and backseat full of dogs, we made the 13 hour “no traffic” drive in 13.5. By the time we caught up on life, gossip, and Spotify’s Bring Back the 90s playlist, we were there. Roadtrip professionals!

A few other “by the numbers” trip tidbits:

1 – Coffees drank (each), unfortunately

1– In-n-Out stops, where I learned their “veggie burger” is just lettuce tomato and no burger

2 – Rainstorms driven through, appx two more than I have in the last five years

2 – Gas fill-ups, both in CA and I miss pumping my own already

4 – Pee breaks. Or maybe it was 5. Regardless, I’ve really chipped away at my previous average of 1 per every 2 hours

~63 – Times I squealed “LOOK AT THE LEAVES!/MOUNTAINS!/RAIN!/NICE PEOPLE!” (/anything not prevalent in SoCal)

1 – Growlers filled at Crux, immediately upon arrival, in my Yeti

0 – Number of friends I likely made doing so

 on the road oiselle yetiyeti onesie crux

Psst Yetis are 20% off this weekend at oiselle.com – code GETYETI – in case you want your own fleece “statement item” and don’t mind getting 90% naked to pee

Super jazzed to be up here, will be doubly-jazzed when Uhaul lets me fill our place with more than an air mattress and two duffle bags, will be infinitely-jazzed when Brian finally gets here and we can really start making Bend home.

Until then expect lots of trail exploring, beer consumption (need to figure out which of the 10+ craft breweries in town will be “our spot”), and pics anytime it snows or rains.

Really planning on milking the “new kid in town” status as long as possible…

Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “#inbend

  1. Awesome! Did I miss if you said you got a new job? I know you had been a rep for Oiselle–still doing that or have you moved on to something else? Either way, good luck settling into your new home and neighborhood!


  2. I’m in a really weird place right now in my personal life…and reading this made me tear up…with JOY!! I am so, *SO* happy for you guys. I feel the excitement radiating off of you (or maybe it’s still a stench from being in that Yeti, trapped inside a car for almost 14 hours…but whatevs). I thank you for sharing this journey of yours with us. It really is inspiring. You really help to show how to not fear change and to really go after what you want in life.


  3. I’m seriously considering a move to Oregon. As a native PNW person, I’m feeling the call to home after an 11 yr stint in MI. Of course I have ALL THE SCARED FEELINGS so I’m being a slow-ass in actually figuring out an escape plan… And you look adorable in a Yeti!


  4. Welcome to Bend! Hope it’s been great and you are starting to get a feel for all the breweries (i think it’s up around 20+???), coffee joints, etc…. It’s a special place. Would love to meet you in the real world some day. Let me know if you need help locating anything that may be lacking in Bend compared to California… Or anything that may having been lacking in California before you made your way to OR.


  5. Congrats on the move! And yeah, what you are doing for work these days? So excited you were able to make this change, and can’t wait to read all about it. Hashtag nosy.



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