On Running

Personal Records

Marathon – 3:37.05  *  Half Marathon – 1:39.23

15K – 1:14.09  *  10K – :47.43  *  5K – :21.17

I’ve always been an athlete, but I’ve not always been a runner.  And even once I accepted that title, it took a while for me to start taking running from “hobby” to “sport”.

From rookie days in cotton tanks, to puke-worthy 5Ks, to stars-aligned marathons, there’s a race tale from every point of the run love/hate spectrum here.

I’m still very much your average runner – I don’t L-O-V-E every mile and I’ll never get to trade in my day job – but running has become a huge part of my life. I’ve learned to enjoy all the wild ups and downs that come with training, and am excited to keep working to see what kind of a runner I’ve got hidden deep down inside of me…

My Distance Running CV :


2010 – 4:25 (May), 4:17 (Oct)

2011 – 4:02 (Mar), 4:10 (Oct), 3:57 (Nov)

2012 – 3:37.05* (Apr), 3:50 (June), DNF (Dec)

Half Marathon

2009 – 1:52 (May), 1:54 (Sep), 1:49 (Oct)

2010 – 1:53 (May), 1:58 (Dec)

2011 – 1:49 (Feb), 1:52, 1:56 (May), 1:46, 1:56 (June), 1:51, 1:47 (Dec)

2012 – 1:41.43* (Oct)

2013 – 1:46 (Feb), 1:40.45 (Apr), 1:39.23* (May)

 (click the images below for race reports and other random reads)


Because Everyone Loves a Hot, Sweaty Mess (no?)



7 thoughts on “On Running

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  2. Ok I found your blog on SR and I’ve been creeping (??) and have to ask… what small town in Ohio are you from? I saw a reference to Welly and wondered if you’re from Wellsville… Obvi, but I lived there and was just curious.


  3. How do you wear your hair while you run? If I do the basic pony tail on a LR, my hair becomes a rat’s nest and I rip half of it out in the shower. Any advice?


  4. Hey girl! I just came across your blog :) I love reading about other bloggers who have a passion for running like me…and it looks like we run the same pace too!


  5. I’m a newbie runner. Like you, always been an athlete (gymnast), but I always thought runners were CRAZY. I’m a “slow” runner (5k PB 30 mins) and I’m running my first ever 10k next week. My goal is “finish”.

    Um, so, that first paragraph just changed my life. Take running from hobby to sport. What a great state of mind.


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