Qs/As Worth Sharing

* obligatory disclaimer * I’m not a doctor, trained professional, RD, life coach, etc. Please take all thoughts expressed here with a grain of salt.


* How did you become part of the Oiselle team? Did they recruit you or did you ask/apply to be part? (WannabeBird)
I applied last summer – team has since filled capacity but you can read more about how it works & what’s in it for them/us HERE

* You posted about your training spreadsheet a while ago – can you send it to me? (Lindsey)
Happy to share the Type A Training Log :)

What is your favorite SoCal half? (Laura)
I don’t think I have one! Fontana is a good downhill course & Laguna Hills is challenging but surprisingly scenic for suburbia. Santa Barbara wins the 26.2 hands down.
* What were your typical training paces leading up to your 3:37? I was so sad to see you miss a BQ by a few sec/mile… (FellowBostonHopeful)
Sigh. That race & training was more guts & luck than finesse or strategy. Easy/Long Runs 845-9, Tempo 650-710, 800s low3.

My next two races land on my next two periods! Do you experience any exhaustion from yours and if you do, do you train or eat differently? (Sarah)
Yes! I load up on eggs, spinach, and beans – all high in iron which gets zapped by Flo and are slightly more nutritious than the chocolate and potato chips I crave. Vit C aids iron absorption so take a swig of OJ or a vitamin, too.


Do you read GOMI? Does it affect what you write about?  (Made Up Name)
I used to, but did get wrapped up in what people might say/think and I hated feeling censored in my writing. So I quit, cold-turkey. 6 months sober! Aint nobody got time for internet bullies.

Are you really friends with Sweaty Emily?  Actually friends? She doesn’t come across as very like able. (Trying Not to be Judgy)
HAHAHA – yes, we are very good friends. She’s not as bad as she seems ;)
What kind of discounts do you get (if any) from Brooks, NUUN, etc?  (Pete)
I am a brand ambassador for Nuun and Oiselle, and receive a % off purchases and some free product. I have an affiliate link for Brooks but no one’s bought anything so I don’t get shit for it. Any other affiliations are on an as-promoted basis. I am not monetized (ads — gross) and do not receive compensation other than product for reviews.  * read also : I have to keep my day job


* Do you get pissed when people spell your name wrong? (Sara)
“WITH an h” is one of my favorite things to say.

* Have you ever milked a cow? (Jocelyn)
At the fair (by machine) once. I also sheared a sheep (one swipe) and dated a pig farmer (for 3 weeks). Yeehaw Ohio.

Last meal? Detail appetizer, main and dessert courses.? (HUNGRY)
Spicy minestrone soup with cheesy baguette, veggie pumpkin curry with brown rice from the Thai place down the road, and a monster slice of carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting, walnuts, and rum-soaked raisins. 27 glasses of zinfandel and a cup of decaf coffee. And some Andes mints on the way out.
* Do you wear your engagement/wedding rings while you run? I’m scared shitless to lose it. (curious)
Safer on my finger than trusted to pea brain to remember where I left it last. I never take off any of my jewelry. EVER.

Mrs. Oual, are you planning on… uhm… expanding your family in the near future? (Guys I’m Serious)As soon as I stop falling asleep in my contacts and forgetting to get my oil changed.

* = new