Easing Back & Track Party on a Whole New Level

I haven’t run since Sunday.

Actually, I haven’t done anything since Sunday.  I’ve showered once or twice, only because Brian side-eyed me every time I threw a new handful of baby powder on my greasy head.  He doesn’t understand that no sweat = no shower = no water = saved $$.  HELLO.  This is why I’m the financial planner in this household.

It’s fine.

(the not working out part, the showerless $ saving plan is up in the air I guess)

I’m enjoying my time off and extra hours of laziness.  With nothing immediately pressing on the race schedule, I feel no pressure to lace back up in a hurry.  And that’s nice.  I’ll get back to running on MY terms, not because I “have to”.

I DID drag my butt out of bed early Tuesday AM to go to the track, though, despite my running hiatus.  Grabbed my coffee and some shoes that don’t tie (to avoid any impulse urges to jump in on some sprints), and took the OUaL film crew to TPT to document Margot’s newest challenge.

800s, ladders, and fartleks be damned.  The newest workout to sweep the endurance world?


4 bottles, 4 laps.  Try not to puke.

Who’s going to be the first to challenge Margot’s time??

And then who’s going to try the Nuun Mile and the Beer Mile and report back on which one is harder?  I’m giving a slight favor towards my beer-chugging skills (thanks, college) over my electrolyte-chugging.

Good luck to everyone racing, long running, or nuun/beer mile’ing this weekend!

* Don’t forget to throw your name into the giveaway – winner will be randomly picked on Monday

Sarah OUaL

I’m not sure if this needs to be disclaimed or not, but this “challenge” was not endorsed, prompted, or even technically approved by Nuun. Their only affiliation is our obsession with the product and desire to find new ways to consume it in mass quantities. So, Nuun, sorry if this is somehow defacing to your brand. Can re-name the Muun Mile if your copyright lawyers get their panties twisted about it. 

… give them Margot’s number.

32 thoughts on “Easing Back & Track Party on a Whole New Level

  1. Bahhhahaha that’s awesome. I’ve been dying to try the Beer Mile, but this looks pretty intense, not gonna lie. Miiiight have to challenge her, however I don’t have 4 nuun waterbottles… I’ll have to make do. PS, I’m in on the Beer 5k if you start a team.


  2. Go Margot! Will we be seeing an OUaL attempt at the Nuun mile too? Can’t say that I will be trying this one out; I am pretty sure I’d be puking up Nuun all over the track. Although, I have to say a beer 5k sounds like a lot of fun!


  3. too fun! we have a beer mile in denver every six months or so. usually about 25 people come out. it’s a lot of fun.. but usually by the fourth lap, i’m running with my eyes close because there is puke like…EVERYWHERE.

    guess that’s what happens when your beer mile is 19:XX. my beer chugging skills are SO. SAD.


  4. There’s a ben & jerry’s 5k this summer in my town – you run halfway, eat a pint, then run back. I think I would be better at the nuun or beer runs though.


  5. That was AWESOME. There’s an Australia Day tradition here with the beer mile, I’ve never had the guts to try it though.

    I’m pretty sure if you spew in the beer mile you just have to run an extra lap at the end? Most Aussie beers are 330ml too, and the minimum size for the beer mile is 350. Sorry, random facts that are insignificant to the Nuun mile!


  6. I thought that it was so funny that last night – after I had watched this – a friend of mine asked if I could run a 5K drunk…. hahaaa! I told her about the Nuun challenge and we laughed about it. But agreed that if you were drunk but didn’t have all the liquid still in your stomach you would probably be ok, right?


    • I’ve run back from the bar before – usually bc I have to pee really bad – and obvs always think I’m running like 5 min/miles. Lets all vow to stash Garmin in our purses and record it next time.


  7. Sarah, you’re getting really good at the videos! Music, captions, good lighting. . . . I think you found a new profession!

    And way to go Margot! That’s gotta be incredibly hard to have all that sloshing Nuun in your stomach for a mile, I would’ve puked for sure.


  8. I thought it would be a great idea to run 6 miles after an afternoon of drinking in Vegas…. I don’t know how I didn’t fall off the treadmill. Not the best idea ever. drinking= dehydration, running = dehydration. dehydration = worsthangoverofmylife. Never again.

    I’ll try the nuun mile, but definitely not the beer mile.


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