TV and Bubbly Convinced Me to Give Up Running


I wanted to avoid any “spoiler!” backlash so I waited a few days to post about it.  Give you ample time to watch the tortuous, rainy, edge-of-your-seat 26.2 mile race yourself.  Or read about it accidentally on twitter.

Yup.  That’s why I’m just now posting.  You’re welcome!

I’m not going to talk about the race anyway.  If you want to hear about training partners Kara & Shalane, read this article.  If you want to hear about the loveable pocket-sized whiskey collector Desi, read this.  Especially if you are or have gone through a race-altering injury.

Even if that race wasn’t the Olympics.

Instead, I want to talk about the non-running related items we covered during our viewing party Sunday.

Picture2 021

Duh.  You know if it’s an OUaL-hosted party there’s going to be more to drink than coffee and electrolytes.

So on to our first point.  Traditional OJ mimosas are a great standby and crowd-pleaser for any pre-noon event.

BUT, things are funner and tastier when there are options.  Plus if your guests spend 10 minutes trying to decide on a mixer they’ll be less likely to notice your ugly brown carpet and un-windexed windows.

Picture2 022

mango lemonade, blood orange trop50, sparkling peach, pear nectar with blueberries, watermelon, nectarine puree.  mimosa bar of gods running bloggers

(Sheila did all the fresh juicing. I bought shit in bottles and dumped them in containers)

Watching running, while talking about running, and wearing running stuff, with a bunch of runners, is no doubt the 2nd coolest way to spend your Sunday morning.

(Racing is obvs #1)

Kristina, Pam, Shannon, Heather, Margot, Monica, Sarah, Sheila

Between all the favorite course debates, training schedule comparisons, and OMG GO SHALANE! KARA’S CLOSING BACK IN! GOOD GOD DO YOU SEE HER ABS?! there wasn’t a quiet moment all morning.  Good thing Brian conveniently had something really important to do and didn’t have to sit through the Runnerd Convention all morning.

Once the race wrapped up, conversation turned to the non-viewing-party-worthy Olympic events.  Specifically, Racewalking.

Real event.  Swear.  No baseball or softball, but by god the Oly Dream for speed walkers across the world is alive and well.

Naturally we had to demonstrate, which lead to googling world record times (Men’s 20k – 6:13 avg pace, nearly as fast as I can sprint a single mile), which led us to the beach path for our own epic Racewalk Showdown.

Picture2 027


Heats and everything. Top 2 advance.

I mean it was totally just for fun.  Nobody took it too seriously and threw elbows or hip checks or anything…

Well, nobody else did.  I guess they just didn’t want to win that badly.

Some people are born winners.  Some aren’t.  It’s life.

Picture2 031

BRB gotta revamp my training plan and race schedule.  OUaL Racewalker signing off.

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “TV and Bubbly Convinced Me to Give Up Running

  1. I will assume my invite got lost in the mail and forgive you for overlooking my coolness. Seriously thought what a fun idea to have a marathon viewing party, love it!

    When I was in 4th grade, 1984 during the LA olympics we had race walkers come down to Newport El and show us how it’s done, very strange with all that hip shaking!


  2. I’m thinking shooting or archery for Rio…something where I can stand still. I have great hopes, a couple of Gb medal winners had only been doing their sport for four years. If I start tomorrow, I’ll be ready!!



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