Wedding Weekend : The Gifting of the ‘Maids

My bridesmaids all have very unique personalities & styles, and they’ve got pretty much every inch of the fashion spectrum covered – from conservative teacher, to college party animal, to “how many guys can I pick up in this dress?” skankapotamus.  (love you BHibs) Winking smile

Knowing this (and because I hate matchy-matchy), I told my girls to accessorize however they wanted – in their own style.

Great plan, except I totally burned the “easy-out” bridesmaid gift : jewelry.  So I did some thinking…

‘What would each of them love?  They’re all so freaking different.  I could get them each something different, but ugh that’s a lot of shopping… and what if somebody likes somebody else’s gift more than their own?  And then it’s like a swap-meet in the bridal suite and I feel like such a fool for not knowing what my 5 best friends would like????  And then so-and-so would be all ‘well Sarah likes so-and-so more than me’ and I’ll spend the next 10 years recon’ing with bday and xmas presents proving my friend-worth…’

(it’s exhausting inside my head, btw)

I wanted something pracitcal, but something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  (isn’t that the goal of most gifts?)

As I was brainstorming, I looked down at my jank nails and reminded myself to make an appointment for a wedding manicure.

‘Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to all go sit and get our nails done like a real girls’ day out – and we could gossip, and laugh, and all catch up…

Ding ding ding!

spa day


spa day1


We spent the afternoon being pampered (30 minute massage, mani, pedi) at Marengo Spa inside The Arcade (the wedding venue), cashing 4 bottles of champagne, girl-talking, and disrupting the “relaxing” atmosphere they had going on in there.

spa day 2


In other words, it was exactly what I wanted.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I chose OPI’s “California Raspberry” for my polish.  You didn’t think I’d get some boring, traditional bridal manicure, did you???



Plus it went so well with “mimosa orange”, I couldn’t resist!

Next up : What do rehearsal drill sergeants eat for dinner?  Popcorn & beer.  In large amounts of both…

Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend : The Gifting of the ‘Maids

  1. My dream day is pretty much booze and mani/pedi! Throw in some sun and the beach/pool and I am beyond set! Looks like it was fun and so glad you didn’t go French Manicure on us! ;-)


  2. I love everything about your wedding and it’s making my “out there” choices for mine in October seem perfect for myself and my hubby to be. I didn’t want to be a “STANDARD” bride but I didn’t want to be so out there that Grandmas would be like WTF? LOVE the color choice and if I can get all my girls together before the big day – depending on travel schedules then BAM – this is a bomb idea.

    Your wedding keeps getting cooler and cooler – you did a great job darlin! LOVE that color!

    I doubt I’ll do french, maybe just nude polish BUTTTT I’m actually sort of wanting dark polish since it will be october… hmmmm give me courage girl! Besides who wants to wear dull french/nude on their honeymoon right? JAZZ IT UP!


    • I’ve been trying to brainstorm bridesmaid gifts too- it’s tough! A spa day sounds amazing, especially with champagne! I love that you got a fun nail polish color- I was thinking of doing the same since I am not a french manicure girl. Thanks for sharing all the fun wedding details!


    • Go out there, girl. I started getting wary of all my non-traditional ideas and how they’d turn out but they added little touches of “us” here and there that we loved. JUST SAY NO to french manicures!



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