CIM Week Six – More (but less) Running


Yeah, you have a point, Joanna. And when I thought about it, like, “Yeah, S, why aren’t you talking about anything but running running running?” I had a bit of a wake up.

Probably the same reason when someone asks “so what’s new?” or my coworkers ask “how was your weekend?” I find myself struggling to talk about anything but running.

And that’s not what OUaL is about. I pride myself on balance and having a life outside of running/healthiness/blogging. Remember? “It’s the life between the miles that counts”. It says so right on the top of the screen. But I’ve been doing a pretty shit job of owning up to that, I guess.



So this is less of a, “I’m going to tell you all about my life outside of running again!” promise, and more of a, “I’m going to start having a life outside of running again!” promise.

Hopefully. Any ideas for non-running things to do?

(don’t say beer. that’s covered.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CIM Training – Week #6

Su – Off day/cardio smorgasbord : elliptical, stairmaster (hello where has this been all my life??), “tennis”…

M – Rest, unplanned. Long day at office quickly turned into ass-on-the-couch, “woops there goes my running window”. So the planned 4-6 easy miler got scrapped. It’s fine. IT’S FINE I TOLD MYSELF. Fine. Relax.

T – Track : 2mi time trial (13:03). Gross, vomit-inducing, maniac brain games, too-long-to-be-a-sprint but too-short-to-be-distance torture. Good news is I ran 37 sec faster than last time (Feb) and didn’t expel any bodily fluids onto the track. Bad news

W – Easy 6, 3x10pin cardio/8lb strength training…

oh did you know? oiselle – go fast take chances beat your husband in bowling

Th – Tempo/hill/easy/fartlek… a 7mile mutt, essentially.

F – Rest, planned

Sa – 18 mi LR with K & SR, aka the ProCompression Bobbsey Twins Triplets

Good pace and no “accidentally-tripped-and-hurtled-myself-into-the-bay” issues, thanks to good company and the fact K & SR blabbed most of the time and I didn’t have to try and talk/run at the same time. Just the creepy tagalong grunting about gross gel flavors and spewing sweat droplets every now and then.

SR, me, K. Pro on Pro on Pro

Speaking of gross gel I think I’ve finally got a decent grip on my in-run fueling. I’ve embraced stopping to refill my handheld – stashing a Nuun tab or two in a plastic baggie makes the warm nasty fountain water more bearable – and have been much better about watching the time and taking in calories before I feel I need them (because by then it’s too late)

= 36 miles

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And that’s that. Commence non-running talk next. Er, soon. Well at least maybe less of it.

A little.

Sarah OUaL


27 thoughts on “CIM Week Six – More (but less) Running

  1. I do love hearing about your life outside the miles, but then nowadays with all you do talking about running, I use it as a motivational tool. Listening about your awesome speed workout makes me want to do mine.


  2. Yeah, I definitely like a combo of running and non-running. Your dramatic speed increase has been really motivating to me. I am seeking that elusive sub-4 marathon right now, and your struggle with that was HUGELY inspiring to me.


  3. Life Shmife! If running is a part of your life that pumps you up and you want to share. Share away! It’s motivating and I enjoy reading about it. Gets me stoked for my runs! As long as you are chasing your runs with a beer, frisky time, family outings, and girls night now and then, you’re doing good in my book.


  4. I like that you addressed the readers concern and didn’t just delete the comment. Alot of times people will comment on blogs and if it isn’t a over the top OMGyouaresocool comment, it gets deleted. thanks for keeping it real!


    • I’ve only deleted one comment, it was immediately after Long Beach. ”” had been kind enough to stalk my bib during the race and leave a comment about how running sub4 is so easy and I was pathetic and slow since I couldn’t. I would’ve left it but my mom got all in a cyber panty twist about it, so it got my sole delete :)


  5. I like reading about your non-running life, but I primarily read your blog to hear about your running/training. Besides, it’s YOUR blog, so write about what you want! And if you want to write about tempo runs, relays, your friend moving away, etc., then do it!


  6. You inspire me to get my own butt running fast. I can teach you the finer points of tennis if you get me to run fast. What if we just get you a shirt with an ice cream cone on the back and then in Eugene (happening, right?), I just try to follow the ice cream cone. I think that is a good strategy, right? Well, much get through NYCM first without getting injured!

    Non-running things I would love to hear about: Dad’s donuts and balboa bars. Ok, this comes back to post-long run food, back to running…


  7. Its a running blog so i enjoy the running talk. I actually get bored when running blogs start focusing on other things. Of course i hope you have a life but i look to you for running inspiration! I see your running the amish country half in november and im jealous! Ive been toying with the idea but im closer to cleve so idk if i wann drive down. I was sposed to run columbus but my knee/it/patellas got all janky and now anything over 2 hurts so im kinda screwed. Oh well. Anyways, i love your blog either way!


  8. interesting. Corey and I were just having this conversation today (not about you) but in general. how I can relate better to “real” bloggers who don’t just give BS facts about running. I didn’t think your posts weren’t personal at all-and were lacking real life stuff-but i can see what the commenter meant. it also made me realize i haven’t been doing much of it either-thanks for the reminder! back to good ole me-and less about this damn ankle. :)


  9. dude i say talk about whatever the hecks going on with you, whatevers important TO YOU. if its running this week, awesome. if its other stuff, awesome.

    but since when is it ok and legit to tell other people, hey entertain me! blog about what i want! feed me! make your blog about my needs! ya know?


  10. I like hearing about all sorts of aspects of other people’s lives. I mean, that’s why we read blogs, right?

    The running & training is inspiring, but living a well balanced life is also important.


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  12. I am a nobody but i will admit I started reading your blog back when it was about a variety of things like wedding planning and running. I stopped reading as much lately even though you now post more. My opinion means nothing, just sharing! I was kinda happy to see this post!


    • This makes me sad! Your opinion matters just as much as anybody else’s. Thank you for taking the time to write – maybe I need another big, elaborate party to plan for months so I can have fun non-running stuff to write about again :)


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